Future Associate OG Double D Shot And Killed In A Maybach

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OG Double D was murdered from gunfire as he drove his Maybach on Interstate 20 in southeast Atlanta on Thursday.

According to reports, OG Double D, also known as Freeband Double D of The Freeband Gang, was driving in rush hour traffic when somebody in a white SUV opened fire on the Maybach.

OG Double D died later after he was being moved to the hospital.

He was a music executive and affiliated artistically with Future through his Freebandz recording imprint.

Authorities continue to investigate the killing and are hoping that somebody can help with identifying the killer.
“It sounded like a bazooka,” one witness said to local Channel 2 in Atlanta.

The witness described to Channel 2’s Ashley Swann what he heard moments before the rare black Mercedes Maybach came to a stop along I-20 westbound at Glenwood Avenue Thursday afternoon.

“We potentially could’ve had an extremely dangerous situation,”…

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